Silicone Charms – 30 pieces – Compatible with All Common Bracelet Rubber Band Loom Kits – Assorted Designs – Colourful

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  • 30 charms in each package.
  • They are new, colorful and compatible with all common rubber band rainbow loom kits
  • Designs, colors, shapes, sizes and themes of the charms are assorted. Note that each pack will have different design combinations.
  • Each charm has a ring to enable easy connection to the rubber band bracelet or necklace or anklets.
  • The charms are packaged in a Poly Bag. There are no other accessories included.
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Product Description

Does your child love coming up with new creations of bracelets, anklets and necklaces on their rubber band loom? Have they used up all the available charms in the original pack? Or are they just looking for new charm designs that will inspire their next creation? If so, then Charms are what you’re looking for. We stock various designs, colors, shapes, sizes and themes or silicone charms. They will keep your child busy doing something that they love.